VCP WebIf Interface for remote DoIP clients

version 0.91

Yes, we're 1st again ...

We proudly present first in the world Web-Application for remote car-diagnosis

17.01.2017: Added (VIM) Video In Motion (until 70km/h) FREE unlock function for A4/A5/Q5/Q7 MLB-evo New
10.01.2017: Added Start/Stop automatic disable/enable function for A4/A5/Q5/Q7 MLB-evo
09.01.2017: Improved support for Bentley Bentayga

What is this Web-App for ?

A very simple web interface for remote diagnose of MLB-evo cars. You will be able to read / write internal ECU registers, read / clear DTCs, change codings etc.

Which cars are supported ?

Cars built on MLB-evo platform. This is newest technology base for Audi and future luxury VW cars. Currently supported are: Audi Q7 4M , Audi A4 8W, Audi A5 8W, Audi Q5 FY0

Do I need any hardware ?

Yes, you need an ENET cable, which will wire your car to ethernet port in your PC
Some connection hints you can find in VCP DoIP documentation:
You can buy a cable in our shop -
... or built it by yourself. Schematic :

Is it safe ?

We are a manufacturer of VCP diagnostics software,a brand which is well-known in many professional repair workshops around the world. DoIP (Diagnostic Over IP) routines are the same in client and fully-featured VCP
However, You will get an access to adaptation records. You have to know what you doing.

How does it work ?

Remote partner downloads the DoIP client software, a very lightwight and portable app, which will connect your car's network to our server infrastructure. Once car got connected, server will assign a ClientID to the client. Enter this ID in Web-Application when asked .
You can download current version of DoIP Client - HERE

How to get Login and password ?

Temporarily you can use testuser / testpassword for basic access

Where to get support ?

This app is in beta-phase. In case of problems you can create a support request under

Examples ?

1st: Quick and dirty video with app in action: HERE
On video we coded laptimer in 2016 Audi S4 8W. Web Application ran on server located about 1200 kilometers away from a tablet with DoIP client. Internal MIB2 Wifi Access Point was used.
2nd: Remote disable StartStop by iPhone: HERE

Will this app be updated ?

Stay tuned ;-)

... and keep visiting our blog for news and updates



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